Labor costs


Producing goods in a high-wage economy to compete with goods from low-wage economies leave little room for error. Our robots have more precision and control so can effectively eliminate defects and waste associated with human labor. With the ability to work in harsh conditions and excel in repetitive tasks not suited for people, robots can reduce plant risk and excessive insurance and safety costs. No person is perfect, so with Mitsubishi robots, you’ll reduce the price tag associated with unavoidable human error.

Save by doing it right.

Mitsubishi robots produce a high return on investment (ROI). They are ruggedly built to work reliably, even in harsh environments. They work at high speeds without sacrificing accuracy. Our robots can be used to create processes that are predictable and consistent. As a result, you’ll discover great savings through decreased downtime, lowered labor costs, reduced scrap rate and increased production and performance. We also have over 200 model variations of SCARA, micro, assembly, and six-degrees-of-freedom articulated robots. They can handle up to 20 Kg payloads. This allows you to choose the right- sized and right-priced robot for your application.