Mitsubishi Electric partners with Cognex™

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Executive Overview

Mitsubishi Electric’s partnership with Cognex™ brings two distinct product lines into one uniform environment from both a networking interface and an application programming environment. While Cognex’s In-Sight™ Machine Vision system is already highly integrated with both a camera, vision processor, and vision analysis, they have assured direct connectivity to the Mitsubishi Electric™ architecture using CC-Link and MELSEC Communication (MC) protocol on Ethernet. The networking hardware is integrated directly into the In-Sight, radically simplifying the integration into the automation system. While this is important, the partnership runs much deeper, as the application tools for Machine Vision are specifically developed for iQ™ Platform including Mitsubishi Electric Robotics. If a production application requires a general purpose automation solution, a turnkey robotic system, or both, the vision application programming is consistent and easy to use.

This partnership stretches the PAC concept to a truly multi-domain concept, which is becoming critical in today’s manufacturing environment. A rapid implementation of an automation solution with vision, controls, and robotics is critical in reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Industry users have suffered long in the past when two technologies merged to create smart solutions because different technologies typically had multiple programming environments and consequently, manufacturers typically incurred high integration costs. Mitsubishi Electric-Cognex solutions offer manufacturers a standard set of “interoperable products”, rather than an untested set of components patched together to perform a specific function. These solutions have a single tool from which there is easy accessibility to all useful features and functions of logic, motion, HMI, vision, and robotic domains in a manner such that each task is a part of a single system.

Mitsubishi Electric-Cognex solution adds significant value in highly regulated production environments where validation is a significant concern. By using a solution that is derived from the cooperation of leading suppliers, the number of touch points that need to be validated are radically reduced when production systems need to be upgraded or modified to adapt. In today’s highly competitive manufacturing environments, the Mitsubishi Electric and Cognex partnership provides a comprehensive solution that not only reduces downtime and maximizes productivity, but also ensures that procedures are in place for regulatory compliance.