Robot Technology Boosts Accuracy, Reliability, and Flexibility for Automated EMC Test Machines

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Mitsubishi Robotics helps Amber Precision Instruments, an EMC/EMS test solution provider, to boost Reliability, Precision, and Flexibility of their test machines.

Amber Precision Instruments is a private corporation that manufactures EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) scanners to help electronics suppliers comply with EMC regulations and directives. Samsung, LG and Intel are among some of API’s Tier 1 customers that use these scanner systems. When API began researching methods to improve their machine accuracy and reliability in late 2009, the engineering team naturally turned to robots. The cost savings from reduced installation and programming times would help offset the upfront cost of the robots as a sub-system. Furthermore, streamlined multi-axis control facilitates a more accurate method of delivering data to customers.