Mitsubishi Smallest Robot Arm Builds Lego Van (Video)

robot armMitsubishi Electric debuted a cool new robot arm at iREX 2009 that can work in small spaces and still get things done. The RV-2SQ is just 140 mm (5.5 inches) in diameter and was able to assemble a Lego van complete with passengers inside. According to its press release, not only is the RV-2SQ 56% smaller than previous models, it’s 10% faster, able to move on 6 axes at high speeds. The tightly packed robot doesn’t come cheap (¥175 million or ~$1.9 million) but considering how well it may work on constructing minute electrical parts, Mitsubishi is hoping to sell 1000 in its first year (it debuted in Oct 2009). I like the RV-2SQ for two reasons: One, it builds a mean Lego automobile. Two, it shows how industrial robots are getting smaller and more precise. Keep miniaturizing, baby, I want to get to nanobots soon! Check out the video of the RV-2SQ in action after the break.

> See full Press Release.