Cleanroom Services

Unmatched Support for Cleanroom Environments.

If you operate in a cleanroom environment, only Mitsubishi Electric Automation can deliver the support you need to get your robots back to work and back to spec, quickly and efficiently. Our service center includes the only certified cleanroom repair center located outside of Japan, specifically designed for Mitsubishi robots. With cleanroom service from Mitsubishi you can avoid the time and cost needed to ship repairs to the original manufacturing location while still ensuring the highest standards for cleanroom operations.

Back to Your Cleanroom with Confidence.

Our cleanroom service center is a rigid wall, Class 10 – ISO 4 facility, utilizing state of the art HEPA and ULPA filtration systems, the only certified cleanroom located outside of Japan. Once your robot is repaired, it undergoes rigorous particle testing on each axis. With the ability to test down to 0.3 microns we can ensure that your repaired robot does not produce particles that can contaminate your operations. Your robot is returned to you with detailed documentation from particle testing, ensuring that it meets your standards before it is re-introduced into your cleanroom environment.

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